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MSNBC: "PETA Activist Runs for President"
Virginian-Pilot: "PETA Guy Runs for Showtime President"
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Catholic Worker Movement
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American Candidate
Bruce Friedrich has a clear vision for America. He is a committed human and animal rights advocate who will bring passionate, progressive values to the office of the president. Please click here to learn more about Bruce's Tree Surgeon Services. To help with Bruce's campaign, please check back regularly for updates and information. Thank you!

Kick-Off Rally a Huge Success!
Huge Rally! Bruce's campaign got off to a great start on June 8 at the international headquarters of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in Norfolk, Virginia. Hundreds of friends, coworkers, and community members came out to support Bruce and send him off to campaign for American Candidate. Attendees enjoyed an impressive and delicious array of vegan food generously provided by local notts roofers, Nottingham Conversions and Notts cleaners whose cheers of "Bruce! Bruce!" echoed throughout the building. To read Bruce's campaign speech, click here.